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It's All About Love of Pets

Every pet owner knows how, why, and to what extent our pets touch our lives. It's a relationship that non-pet-owners could never truly understand.

Once you have had a four-footed family member, your life will never be as complete without them. Their lives are unfortunately not as long, but their impact is monumental, so why not have them immortalized via art - to dedicate via fabric, what we never could express otherwise.

All my paintings are hand-painted on fabric from photographs, which gives a feeling of warmth. They are easy to frame, or can be made into aprons or cushions to decorate beds, etc. These make ideal gifts for family and friends too.


While I greatly enjoy the challenge of bringing portraits of beloved pets to life on material, I will also happily paint a picture of African wildlife for you – these make great gifts for foreign visitors, who want to take a bit of Africa home with them. 

Be an EPIC pet owner. 

Embrace the life that added to yours in such fundamental ways, through art, thus capturing them forever!